Long term planning

Among other things, the company participates in multidisciplinary planning teams, where it directs the planning processes, or coordinates the issues of infrastructure, development and environment.


National Outline plan 35. A comprehensive National Outline Plan for the overall development of the State of Israel up to the year of 2020, ordered by the Planning Administration in the Ministry of Interior.

A program for Israel's beach waters, ordered by the Planning Administration in the Ministry of Interior.

A master plan for the development of the Tel-Aviv metropolis, ordered by the Ministry of Interior, and a Regional Outline Plan for the Tel-Aviv region, Regional Outline Plan 5.

An outline plan for the development of the Ashdod Port, ordered by the Israel Ports Authority.

Examining sites for a second international airport in Israel, (in cooperation with architect Rafi Lerman), ordered by the Israel Airports Authority and the Planning Administration.

The Jerusalem Express Railway Project – the company escorts the project and is responsible for achieving required approvals by the different National Outline Plans, the Fundamental Issues Planning Committee and the National Council. It is also responsible for presenting the railway's plans in issues of landscape design and environment to the approving body of the National Infrastructures Committee, and fulfilling these plans.

The company participates in a planning team for the four main cities in Albania, ordered by the national bank.

Highway no. 9 (An east-west axis road, south of Hadera, connecting Highway no. 2 and Highway no. 6), ordered by the National Roads Company. The company coordinates the contacts with the different planning administrations, such as the National Infrastructures Committee and the Ministry of Interior. This ranges from submitting environmental documents and receiving approval for them, to receiving approval for operation plans through an escorting team.