Environmental Projects

Herzliya Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Herzliya Wastewater Treatment Plant was constructed and renovated a few times throughout the years.

Beer Sheva Wastewater Treatment Plant

The company managed and supervised the construction of the plant for the Minrav Company.

Dimona Wastewater Treatment Plant

The company managed and supervised the construction of the plant for the Dimona municipality.

Raanana Wastewater Treatment Plant

This plant was designed to handle 18,000 cubic meters per day.

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Ashdod Central Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Ashdod Wastewater Treatment Plant was designed to handle the city's wastewater, about 49,000 cubic meters per day.
The institute operates in the activated sludge method, and contains, among other things, energy saving systems, which make use of the gas that is discharged in the treatment process for activating biogas engines and producing electricity.

Kfar-Saba Central Wastewater Treatment Plant

This wastewater treatment plant purifies wastewater for the municipalities of Kfar-Saba and Hod-Hasharon. The institute was designed to handle approximately 37,000 cubic meters per day, using the activated sludge method. The project included constructing complex concrete buildings, electro-mechanic equipment, a control system and massive development works.

Ashkelon Central Wastewater Treatment Plant

A central Wastewater Treatment Plant for the city of Ashkeon, including a line from the city to the plant. The Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ashkelon was constructed in the midst of orchards, on the border of a natural reservation, north of Ashkelon.
The facility was planned to handle 34,000 cubic meters of wastewater a day, in the activated sludge method. Its location required laying out a gravitational line in a minimal slope to transport the wastewater. The line was built out of constructed PVC, 1.2 meters in diameter and 3 kilometers in length. Since it was a gravitational line, the company had to dig up to 8 meters under the ground.

Sealed reservoir and pumping station for Ashkelon treated wastewater

Following the construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ashkelon, and in order to operate it, a sealed reservoir with 100,000 cubic meters was constructed, with a pumping station and a 5 kilometer pipeline.

Sealed reservoir and pumping station for Raanana treated wastewater

During the construction of this reservoir, old precipitation pools were united and improved, and turned into two reservoirs: one 95,000 cubic meters in volume, and the other 60,000 cubic meters. A pumping station was constructed for irrigation of fields and orchards in the area.

The Tnuvot Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Tnuvot Wastewater Treatment Plant serves the towns and villages in the center of the Sharon region, and the city of Kalansawa. As the plant was under construction, the original plan was changed and adapted to on-site conditions. The plant is designed to handle approximately 9,000 cubic meters of wastewater a day, with potential capability of doubling the rate of flow through modular increase of the facilities. The construction works took place under difficult soil and winter conditions.

A transition site for construction waste

This project is located close to the Holon Junction, beside the southbound Ayalon Highway. It is an authorized site for collecting construction waste from the city of Tel-Aviv and moving it to burial sites. It replaces a non-authorized site that was located on the other side of the southbound Ayalon Highway, and caused many bothers. Small amounts of waste, which cannot be delivered directly to burial sites in the area, are gathered here, and then trucked to regional burial sites.

Treated wastewater of Eilat

This project was built for the purpose of using the city of Eilat's treated wastewater for irrigating agricultural areas in the southern Aravah Desert, which are distributed along the Aravah road, about 36 kilometers from Eilat.