About Eldad Spivak Engineering Company

Eldad Spivak Ltd. manages, coordinates and supervises complex large scale civil engineering projects around the world.
Founded in 1971, the company is managed by Engineer Eldad Spivak, Civil Engineering B.Eng, and Environmental Engineering M.Sc.
Eldad Spivak was a senior member of National Outline Plan 35, Israel's development plan for the year 2020, as well as the development plan for the Tel-Aviv metropolis, including Regional Outline Plan 5.
After the Versailles Wedding Hall Disaster, Spivak was appointed by the government, as a senior project manager from the private industry, to be a member in a small committee for applying the Zeiler Committee of Inquiry conclusions.

Eng. Itai Spivak, Civil Engineering B.Eng, has joined the company's management a few years ago, after gaining 12 years of experience in leading complex projects.
The company employs more than 35 civil engineers with different areas of expertise, such as environmental engineering, transportation, construction etc.
In addition to its regular work, Eldad Spivak Ltd. provides expert legal opinions in trials, and serves as a professional arbitrator in conflicts between the state and private entrepreneurs, and between entrepreneurs and contractors.

Eldad Spivak Ltd. manages many diverse projects, among which are: highways, road and railway interchanges, wastewater treatment facilities, public buildings, metropolitan parks, industrial buildings, road and railway tunnels, and more. As part of its services, the company handles engineering structures, infrastructure and electro-mechanic systems, for private and public initiatives.

Since our large professional team has extremely comprehensive experience, the combined individual skills of each one of its members allow us to perform our tasks with great success.
The company's goal for the next upcoming years is to continue our ongoing learning process, in order to keep incorporating advanced technologies in our projects, taking high interest in maintaining the environment in which we operate.

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